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Zero Fee Processing

Take advantage of new legislation that will save you several thousand dollars each month in credit card processing fees. Dosh Funding will help you update your business so that it is able to accept credit cards while passing credit card processing fees to the end-user.

Once upon a time, credit card surcharges were banned, they came back with a vengeance in 2021. New rulings state that retailers cannot be held accountable to the restrictions of merchant fees on credit card transactions and consumers are also no longer liable for paying extra as well. Since so many transactions are made through credit cards nowadays, it makes sense that business owners want to take advantage of these new laws that support small businesses everywhere. 

Dosh Funding is here to help!

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Take advantage of Surcharge Processing

Learn how YOU, the business OWNER, can switch to Surcharge Processing with Dosh Funding. Our network of wholesale processors can even provide FREE credit card terminals and software to manage your business.

What is Surcharge processing?

Accepting electronic payments has become a valid and reliable way to accept business transactions. With the rising popularity of online consumption over brick and mortar retail, merchant account providers have made the technology for modern businesses to easily integrate online credit card processing into their sites. Whether customers use their credit cards or debit cards, these merchants are able to surcharge the extra costs associated with using plastic. You may have seen gas station signage notifying customers of a lower price per gallon for those who pay with cash. While previously prohibited in other industries, surcharges have existed for a long time.

Today, depending on how the transaction is presented, some States will consider it to be legal while others won’t. There are regulations business owners have to follow in order to be compliant.

Upon approval of your Merchant ID, Dosh Funding will provide you with the appropriate signage, registered processing platform and programmable terminals required by today’s latest compliance standards at no cost to you.

Start saving thousands of dollars a month!