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Contactless Experiences

What are contactless customer experiences & how can they be used for your business, and what does the future hold for customer experiences.


Don’t be surprised if a few years from now you are going to be paying for everything you buy by just waving a device in front of a receiver.

Paying for your coffee, your train ticket or even for your groceries is going to be just a matter of waving your device.

The latest research has found that approximately 40% of consumers use mobile devices at checkout. The need for an easy and convenient customer experience is more important than ever.

  • Customers can pay for goods and services with a phone, watch or wearable device. They can even pay for multiple purchases in one go.
  • No need to carry cash, cards or even keys. You can always pay with your phone or wearable.
  • Consumers want to pay in a quick, seamless and secure way. Contactless technology is the way forward.

The best way to think of contactless customer experiences is as a gateway to better service or a more streamlined order processIn the past, customers had to fill out complicated forms to order products, or they had to physically enter their payment information.

Now, they can just tap their card or device quickly and be on their way.

It’s really that simple, but this new process can be especially useful to businesses of all sizes who want to make their customers’ lives easier. Contactless ordering isn’t just useful in-store, either. Mobile devices with the right technology can take advantage of contactless payments anywhere, from the parking garage at a baseball game to the gas pump in between errands. 

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