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Cash Discount Program

Every business owner knows that cash is king.

It just makes sense to discount for cash payments for your goods and services.

Your business is running.

You’re not just selling a product, but you’re providing a service.

A cash discount program can help you save on credit card fees and also allow you to be transparent with your customers about your cash discounting policy.

Cash discount is a program that allows customers to pay with paper money instead of credit or debit cards. Normally, when a customer uses a credit or debit card, they are charged a percentage fee, which is then passed on to the business owner.

This fee can sometimes be upwards of 3%. By accepting paper money and not credit/debit cards, businesses can save a lot of money in credit card fees, if not the customer pays the fee charged by the processor instead of the merchant.

The cash discount program is a program that allows a business like yours to save on credit card processing fees.

The program allows your business to collect a discount for customers who choose to pay for their purchase in cash.

The program only works when the business offers the cash discount, and the customer chooses to pay in cash.

The cash discount program benefits both the business and the customer.