How to apply for funding

Step 1 - Application Submission

Submit your application for review. Be sure to have 10 minutes to get the documentation completed. Ensuring accurate information on your submission will surely expedite your responses from lenders. Submit your application here

What you’ll need

  • Owner’s information
  • Business information
  • Last 3 Business Bank Statements
  • Last 3 Credit Card Processing Statements

Step 2 - Review by Dosh Funding

Upon submission of your application, a Dosh Funding specialist reviews your paperwork & sends your application to an appropriate lender. Different lenders offer different flexibilities & we want to ensure you’re getting the best program we can find you.  

What does Dosh Funding review?

  • Paperwork is in order
  • Your businesses’ EBITDA
  • Business Cash Flow
  • Other Business Loans

Step 3 - Program Selection

Now that you’ve reviewed your options, it’s time to choose a program. Depending on the program chosen, different underwriters may require less than others. We will help you review the chosen program & get your paperwork completed to prepare for closing. 

What you’ll want to review

  • Interest Rate
  • Term Length
  • Repayment Options

Step 4 - Closing

You’ve signed your paperwork from the respective lender of your choice. Now their underwriting team crosses their T’s & dots their I’s. Once all is cleared, you typically will receive your funding next business day.

Important to Review

  • Make sure to review the business bank account number your lender has on file