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Dosh Funding is a company that enables businesses to access multiple funding solutions anytime they need it. Dosh means money. Really, we're serious - go ahead & Google it. By partnering with people like you, we help lots of companies grow their sales and obtain the financing they need when they need it. As fintech enthusiasts, we aim to deliver excellent service and help you learn, save, earn and secure funding to get your financials on track. We believe that there should be as little friction as possible when it comes down to getting access to cash in real time from lenders. Dosh Funding does everything possible to make the online experience easy for you so that you can focus your efforts on running your business!

Dosh Funding offers the following services to businesses to learn, save, earn & secure funding.

  • Credit/Debit Payments
  • Online & E-Commerce
  • Merchant Cash Advance
  • Business Loans
  • Commercial Loans

Dosh Funding can arrange SBA loans, traditional bank loans, business lines of credit, invoice financing, equipment financing, merger & acquisition loans, commercial real estate loans, and merchant cash advances.

We offer both short- & long-term capital options. 

In short, alternative lending refers to business loans that are available outside of traditional bank lending. Dosh Funding offers alternative funding options for small & medium sized businesses.


We provide funding options ranging from $5,000 - $3,000,000

Your business must be open for more than 2 years with at least $10,000 in monthly revenues & operations located within the United States of America. 

There isn't a one-size-fits-all answer here, as there are several deciding factors. The rate you'll receive is specific to your business's unique situation, how much you're looking to borrow & your overall risk factor to the lender.

You can begin by submitting a completed application using the apply now button. Make sure to fill all required fields & upload supporting documentation for fast processing. 

When your application is submitted, it’s reviewed by one of our Dosh specialists who determine your best offers. There is no obligation for any offers received from Dosh Funding. 

Timing for receiving approved funding depends on many factors. Each lending partner has its own approval process and can result in various funding timelines. The typical time to fund can be anywhere from 24 hours to 1 week. We take your privacy very seriously. All your information is managed securely.

A bankruptcy in your past doesn’t necessarily preclude you from getting a small business loan, but it might make it more challenging. While not all lenders have the same requirements after bankruptcy, it’s unlikely a borrower would qualify within the first year. Many lenders will require at least one year of improving credit history following the disposition of a bankruptcy.

That all depends upon the type of loan you’re looking for. To qualify for an SBA loan you’ll need a business plan. While other lenders might not require a formal business plan, they will ask questions about loan purpose & how this loan will grow your business. Whether or not a lender requires a business plan, it’s always a good idea to go through the exercise so you can articulate why you are looking for a loan and the benefit you expect to gain from the capital. 

No, Dosh Funding is not a lender. Dosh Funding works with a network of 75+ lenders nationwide to connect them with pre-qualified small business owners who are seeking funding to grow their businesses.

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